As a qualified Yoga Therapist I am deeply passionate about the benefits of yoga for women when applied in a therapeutic and individualised manner. All trainings go beyond the scope of a basic yoga teacher training, to include elements of Yoga Therapy, Somatic Movement & Ayurveda. I have teamed up with my friends in the industry who come with their own wealth of knowledge and experience to provide interactive and expert training designed to not only educate, but inspire.

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Embodied Yoga For Women - A Therapeutic Application of Yoga for Women's Health

Embodied Yoga For Women explores the intuitive connection of a women with her body through various stages of life. This 50 hour training is designed for qualified Yoga Teachers and Allied Health Professionals to expand their scope of practice & treatment of women to include the tools of yoga.

In collaboration with Kate Payne of Higher States of Yoga, the Embodied Yoga For Women immersive training provides a comprehensive, interactive and explorative look at how we can approach women's health today using yoga in a therapeutic manner. 

Therapeutic Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Therapeutic Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training explores the therapeutic application of yoga for women during pregnancy and into the 4th trimester. This training will qualify you to teach a prenatal specific yoga class and adapt a regular class to accommodate prenatal students.

Therapeutic Prenatal Yoga for Yoga Teachers & Allied Health Professionals

Therapeutic Prenatal Yoga for Yoga Teachers & Allied Health Professionals explores the therapeutic application of yoga for women during pregnancy. This training gives you the tools to support a woman during pregnancy when working in a 1:1 capacity.



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